Personalized Coaching For Women

Inspiring Women To Live A Joy Full Life When You're Unexpectedly At A Crossroads, Helping Your Renew Faith, Regain Your Footing, & Re-establish Priorities, To Redesign Your Life With More Purpose & Meaning For the Season Your In.

Inspiring Women.

To Live A Joy Full Life.

Ladies, Are Your Ready To Reshape Your Life?

Unlock The 4 Cornerstones Of finding lasting Joy. Understand the power of looking Up, down, within and Around.

Together We Will Unlock The 4 Cornerstones Of finding lasting Joy. Understand the power of looking Up, down, within and Around.

Step 1: Look Up

Use your faith as a guide stone Through life.

Step 2: Look Down

to build the strong Foundation to Navigate the seasons of life.

Step 3: Look Within

Discover your god given gifts, skills, talents and abilities.

Step 4: Look Around

Share your unique life Experiences and wisdom with others.

Unlock The 4 Cornerstones Of finding lasting Joy. Understand the power of looking Up, down, within and Around.

Who Is Tricia Joy?

I've been at the crossroads life throws at us including divorce after 29 years, empty nesting, starting over at 50 years old to downsizing with the closing of a multi-million dollar construction business, the financial struggles with it from being self-employed to having to return to the workforce.

You are not alone! I will share the tools that have worked for myself and others to shine a light on and develop the skill set of Transforming our Lives in a NEW Direction.

When Life seemed hopeless and I felt helpless God guided my steps to a MOST Amazing place to Finding love and a new career in my small home town. I want to share with others the Faith, Hope, Grace, and Focus tools He gave me Through my JoyFull™ Woman Programs.

Guiding Women To

Live A More JoyFull™ Life!

Unlock Personalized 1-on1- Coaching To Faith Filled Pillars Of Lasting Joy.

Help You Live A More

Joy Full Life!

Unlock The 4 Cornerstones

Of lasting Joy...

Help You Live A More

Joy Full Life!

Let's talk about opportunities.

Are You Living Life Half Empty These Days?

Girl, you are not alone. I've been there and possibly more than once. That's why I created the JoyFULL™ Woman Coaching program. Get Personalized & direct Help Applying My Secret to Unlocking The 4 Cornerstones Of finding lasting Joy in our life.

Look Up: Faith Filled Purpose...

Look Down: Foundation Builds Stability…

Look Within: God Given Strengths...

Look Around: Share Your Wisdom..

What Women say about Working With Tricia...

Tricia Joy Johnson you have added so much knowledge and insight into my life and brought about things I had not thought about!!! You have enlarged my Christian life as well as all the other bits and pieces. Thank you for coming into our lives and making it better!


Judy Scott

Thankful that what has been planned for me is greater than I can even imagine...I have been more intentional lately about planning and doing tings I want to do.... I love your heart and your message.


Kenya Olsen

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We Help You to

Skill Up

Let's talk about opportunities.

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